Do you have forms to complete to file for divorce? We suggest that you seek the advice of legal counsel. If you cannot afford an attorney, you might contact Legal Services.  We do have packets available to purchase.
For those wanting to find forms available to the public on the web, there are forms on the Supreme Court home page at

Requests for criminal record searches? The Clerk of the District Court office will conduct record searches. Our records are open to the public.  If requesting a search by phone, the request must first be faxed and there is a $10 fee per name searched. We will fax the results back.  Our staff will do the search as time permits.

What do I need to get a passport book or passport card?  The passport web site has most of the needed information.  If after looking at the site, you have any questions at all, please call our office for clarification.   701-228-3983.

How far back do your records go for the purpose of genealogy research? We have records that date back to the late 1800's. We will assist by directing you to the books and records you need to research but if any assistance is given, it will be as our time permits. Copies may be purchased at a nominal fee.

How was I chosen as a Juror? Jurors are chosen at random from current lists of persons age 18 and older, living in Bottineau County, who are either registered voters or licensed drivers. Some people are chosen several times during their lifetime, others are never chosen. If you are a registered voter or a licensed driver, you have the same chance of being chosen as anyone else who meets those criteria.

How long do I have to serve on a Jury panel? Each jury pool is for a two-year period.  If you serve or are summoned twice your obligation has been met.

How can I be postponed or excused from jury service? A request must be sent to the District Court Clerk and presented to the Judge in writing stating what your hardship is at this time. The District Court Judge will address each request individually and act on that request. You will then be notified of his decision.
The following forms are available at the office of the Clerk of the District Court:
Passport Applications
Divorce Packets
Small Claim Packets
Request for Certified Birth Certificates
Request for Certified Death Certificates

How can I get a copy of a public record?  Copies and Certified copies of public record may be obtained from this office. 
The following fees apply for obtaining copies:
On-site files: $ .25 per page for photocopies
Faxing: Outgoing and incoming fax $1.50 for 1st page and cover sheet $ .50 for each              additional page.
Certification: $ 10.00 per seal for certification  / $5 for each additional copy